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Black & White Graphics Challenge

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Black & White Graphics Challenge
Welcome to bwchallenge Rules About the Challenges
Welcome to our Black and White Challenge community. Your mod is quiddity_. Here at bwchallenge we compete on a weekly basis to make the best black and white icons/graphics. Each week, participants choose three themes to work with and then go about creating their submissions for competition. Voting is held, and at the end of the week the winners are announced and the whole thing starts over again.

There are currently four banner makers that rotate each week (benelie, lauralovesnaley, punishmentally, & stormatdusk). If you would like to become a banner maker, please leave a comment here.

To join, click the join community button above. Posting access is not necessary. All entries and votes are made through comments.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, complaints, or anything you'd like to say to the mod please leave a comment at this post.
1. Read the rules. All of them.

2. You must join the community to submit entries.

3. DO NOT SHOW YOUR SUBMISSIONS ANYWHERE BEFORE RESULTS ARE POSTED. This is not a popularity contest, do not turn this comm into one.

4. Please do not ask for posting access. It is not needed as all submissions and votes are done through comments.

5. Because this is an anonymous challenge community, moderators are permitted to participate.
1. At the beginning of each challenge, the mod will make a post where you can reply with your submission(s). Comments will be screened so only you and the moderator(s) can see your entries.


3. Unless otherwise noted: textures, brushes, text, gradients, etc. are permitted; blending is okay; animation is okay.

3. All icons must adhere to LJ's standards (100x100px; <=40kb; .png, .gif, or .jpg/.jpeg).

4. Please do NOT host your icons in your userpic page (PhotoBucket & ImageShack work wonderfully.)

5. Submit your entries to the appropriate challenge post ONLY.

6. When submitting your entry, please use the following format:
SRC: http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm36/bwlims/bwchal_icon_def.png
Cap Resource(s): (If applicable)

2. Depending on how many icons are entered each challenge, the number of places awarded may change. If more than 5 people enter, three places will be voted on. If under 5 people enter, your top two. And 3 people or under, you'll be voting for only your top one icon.

3. Voting IS weighted. That means (if we have more than 10 icons) for every first place vote, the icon will receive 3 points; every second place vote, 2; and third place, 1.
If there is any confusion on the rules, please head on over to this post.
Depending on what the participants choose for the next challenge, the following themes will be used: movie, stock images, television, celebrity, fashion theme (be it a model, editorial spread, or something else), music (singer/band, music videos), anime/manga (official work ONLY), technique, lyrical, or a wild card (the mod chooses).

General Rules for ALL themes
1. For each theme, you will be supplied three (3) pictures to use. Unless otherwise noted, you are NOT required to use the provided pictures.

2. As long as the submission follows the theme it is entered under, any picture is allowed.

3. You may submit up to two (2) icons per theme. Usually there are three themes per challenge, which would mean that you could submit up to six (6) icons total.

4. You are not required nor expected to enter all the themes.

5. You CANNOT mix themes.

Rules for Celebrity theme
1. If you choose to use your own image(s), the celebrity MUST be out of character. (e.g. no icons of Daniel Craig as James Bond)

2. These rules supersede the general rules.

Rules for Lyrical theme
1. The submission must have at least three legible consecutive words from the provided lyrics.

2. No other words except those provided may be used on the icon.

3. ANY picture may be used, you do not have to stick to the other themes of the challenge. (If you do choose to combine the lyrics and another theme, PLEASE SPECIFY which theme your entering your submissions under.)

4. Tiny text is acceptable, as long as the first rule has been achieved.

5. These rules supersede the general rules.

Rules for Technique theme
1. If any images are provided, you MUST use (at least) one.

2. The technique must be clearly visible.

3. ANY picture may be used, you do not have to stick to the other themes of the challenge. (If you do choose to combine the technique and another theme, PLEASE SPECIFY which theme your entering your submissions under.)

4. These rules supersede the general rules.
A comprehensive list of black and white graphics tutorials on lj at icon_tutorial.

The following sites are occasionaly used when caps are provided:

cap_it, CrystalFires, daydreaming, Denying-Insanity, dj_capslock, hires_tvmovie, leavemethewhite, OutNow.CH, paper-faces, Shootastic, SweetandTalented.com

Getty Images, stock.xchng, Veer

foto_decadent, hires_models, ht_photography, pictorialize

If you have any suggestions or questions about resources, head over to this post
SUNDAY: Challenge posted.
WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Reminder posted.
FRIDAY: Voting posted.
SUNDAY: Winners announced.

Rinse and repeat.
Header: quiddity_
CSS: toyhouse
animationstills, bana_lims, beauty_lims, beauty_still, billie_lims, brit_chllg, bsg_abcicons, bwcolor_stills, createandshine, costumelims, eowyn_icontest, francostills, kate_stills, keira_lims, legolasicontest, mcadamsstills, metal_lims, metal_stillness, models_stills, notoriouscolor, pb_stillness, pine_lims, sandra_stills, scandi_chllg, scarlett_lims, startrek_lims, stock_lims, text_rumble, various_contest, wentworthstills, wordaffiliation, xtina_lims, you_choose_ic

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